hello! i'm tillie (not actually, for internet privacy reasons) and this site
is a collection of stuff i like! when i was a kid, i'd always go to coding camps in the summer
and make dinky little websites and videogames, but i really lost interest around when i hit middle school, which would have been prime time to be making cringe websites online. to make up for lost time, i will be making the cringe site of my dreams and overshare to my heart's content now.

actual about

  • university student
  • likes maps, flags, and geography
  • favourite animal is fish
  • favourite mammal is a seal
  • likes to embroider
  • favourite colour is red
  • favourite season is autumn
  • loves historical linguistics
    and anthropology of religion
  • favourite bands are interpol,
    grizzly bear, and gorillaz

also me