it's me!

basic stuff: i'm tillie (not actually, for internet privacy reasons) and this site
is a collection of stuff i like! when i was a kid, i'd always go to coding camps in the summer
and make dinky little websites and videogames, but i really lost interest around when i hit middle school, which would have been prime time to be making cringe websites online. to make up for lost time, i will be making the cringe site of my dreams and overshare to my heart's content.


  • getting my master's in general and applied linguistics
  • i'm the shortest in my family at 5'7"
  • i like to embroider, but i only finish a couple projects a year
  • big fan of conlanging. i'm not very good at it yet, but it's still fun
  • i'm a pisces, but i dont relate to its traits
  • i have a frankenstein american/australian accent
  • the only thing on my bucket list is to visit the hermitage
  • my main interests are sociolinguistics, phonology, and artistic languages
  • i dont have any piercings or tattoos
  • i've lived in 4 timezones


  • animal: fish
  • season: autumn
  • colour: dark red
  • animal crossing character: whitney
  • pokemon type: flying
  • movies: shallow grave, dead ringers, sunshine
  • bands: interpol, grizzly bear, gorillaz
  • flowers: hydrangeas, irisis, poppies
  • colour: dark red


  • i dream a lot every single night
  • i am the most laid-back and stressed out person to exist
  • i've been told more than once that i'm like an alien sent to earth for the first time, trying to figure out how to act human on the fly
  • i'm painfully stubborn
  • i am better at talking to people irl than online...
  • i believe everything works out in the end
  • i am overly nostalgic/sentimental
  • i'm quick to anger but i dont let it show
  • i tear up easily at happy/cute stuff (babies...), but i only cry every couple of years

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