the actual cringe

look,,, i dont get to control what my brain goes insane about

dont question this, dont look for patterns, just leave me and my psyche alone ;-;

Thomas Shelby: Peaky Blinders

i know. just fucking kill me already. in my defense, this is the perfect guy for the girlies that love a pathetic gangleader wet shellshocked horsegirl boy. not sure if that's what a lot of people are after, but if that's your thing, he's the guy. only reason i want a season 7 is so that i can kill him with my bare hands. seasons 3 and 6 are really the show's high points imo (i still love the others tho) but he is fantastic as a character the whole way through.
side note: i'm in love with lizzy so much
i first watched peaky blinders in autumn 2020 and from day one it has been a little worm in my brain. tbh i was already on my cillian murphy kick a little bit before i watched this (i put it off bc the netflix trailer for it was very much not appealing to me, but i caved eventually) thanks to some god-awful twitter fancam??? of his roles in different movies??? i hadnt seen a fancam outside of the kpop context before, so it confused the hell out of me but also had me intrigued. say what you want, good or bad, the man has a face. since then, i have rewatched the series like 4.5 times? 4 fully, and then the last half of it again. will hopefully be watching the first half soon to even it out (also bc i neeeeed to. havent watched an episode since june '22). i've only seen the last season twice though, since it came out earlier this year. anyways, i dont know how to earnestly talk about my thoughts and feelings about him other than saying that i love an arrogant self-sacrificing bastard who puts his family above everything and yet is still an absent father, so tbh i'm not going to try. here's this:

^dall.e pic^


^me & him, but w/ blood^

Roman Roy: Succession

somehow, this is more embarrassing than tommy shelby. i dont want to talk about this. just know that i'm going insane over this all the time.