eurovision: what keeps me going from november-may

changing up the look for this one to reflect the chaos i feel about this. i've watched eurovision every year since 2015, which admittedly isnt that long but cut me some slack ;-; i'm still young. i think it melded my love for geography and music perfectly, so, what i want to do on this page is document my very favourite acts through the years and make myself happy in doing so :)) one day, i will probably write something about each act but as of the moment of writing this, i just want to list them


at the time of writing this, eurovision is tomorrow!!! it is looking like a very good year with some genuinely good songs and some truly eurovision-worthy performances! my #1 song this year is finland, which is my 13th most played song of the year already lol. it is actually catchy but is also very fun to watch. also exciting, slovenia actually got in this year !!! their song is my 14th most played song of the year lmao and i regret nothing. this is seriously just a good song and i would listen to it even if it wasnt in eurovision. great performance too. i was really worried since it kind of reminded me of the slovenian entry last year, which i absolutely loved, but didnt get through the semi-finals. this one seems to be a fan-favourite though thankfully (there is no chance at all that they will actually win, but i hope they get some love for this!).
croatia is a joy to watch and is very catchy and simple. i cant help but sing along with it lol. belgium has actually really grown on me and i hope that it does well! i normally hate to support any song from the big 5, but spain and france are actually really good this year. out of the two, i like spain's entry more, but i cant deny that france has done well.
my biggest fear is that sweden is going to sweep the competition. they've sent loreen, who won back in 2012, and all the prediction sites say that she will win again. when it comes down to the jury votes, they will be backing her completely, but i think the public is fairly split between sweden and finland, hopefully with finland a bit ahead. I guess we'll find out tomorrow...

post-eurovision update: FUCK!!!! hate and malice and rage on planet earth. finland had the most audience points, but the lead sweden had with the jury points pushed Loreen to win when the audience points were added. fuck my stupid baka life auuareghhjghjjk. finland will be #1 in my heart ;-;


1st for me was konstrakta's "in corpore sano" of course. love the sound, love the lyrics, love the performance.
i was also a big fan of france (forgive me), lithuania, and romania. justice for latvia, slovenia, and georgia!
france's song was in breton, which is just super cool lol it was a good mix of traditional and electronic music imo. lithuania was fun and slinky, and romania,, i dont really have a good justification but it just slapped ok.
on the one hand i can't believe that latvia didnt get through since it was the fan favourite (at least of the 30yrs and younger fans), but i can see how with a song where a significant percentage of lyrics have to be censored, it would be difficult to risk it winning. sad! slovenia was just super sweet and all the members looked like they were skipping high school to be there lol. georgia i feel just really understood the spirit of eurovision this year, so i'm sad they didnt pass the semi-finals!


due to the gift of hearing and sight, my favourite was italy. you all know it, you all better love it. it's måneskin's zitti e buonie.
my other fave's were ukraine, iceland, russia, lithuania, and belgium. i also liked denmark, which didnt get through, but i also think that that was a valid decision lmao


the canceled year. iceland was my fave and i think was the projected winner. austria was ok, and switzerland wasn't bad. i was actually kind of into georgia's song too tbh. i really liked lithuania and belgium too, but they didnt sound like eurovision songs. like,, i should def add them to my music library. but if i hadnt known they were from eurovision i would never have guessed they were entries. ukraine was good too. i'm realising that i like a lot of the repeat artists (those that were going to compete in 2020 and were given a second chance to perform in 2021 since 2020 was canceled).


tbh there aren't any songs in this period that really stood out to me, and i actually got a little put off by eurovison because of how... boring i found the songs in this period.
edit: i forgot about melovin <3


this year had a lot of songs that in any other context, i would hate, but loved in eurovision. not that eurovision normally has conventionally "good" songs bc we all know that's not true, but this year especially. i was excited to go back and listen to belgium's entry which i really loved in 2016, but i think my taste must have changed a lot since then...
the songs from this year that i liked are austria, australia (sorry), italy, and latvia. it's an absolute tragedy that belarus didnt make it through the semi-finals bc that was an Experience.


my first eurovision year! i have since found and watched older ones, but i've gone back and rewatched this one so many times since it's so nostaligic for me. i was happy at the time for sweden to win but nowadays i think there were some better songs, though maybe that's just bc i've listened to it too many times. not mad though!
my favoutites were latvia, georgia, italy, belgium, estonia (for some reason), and slovenia (i dont think it's good but i love it for eurovision reasons). again, i fully admit that many of these songs are not Good, but 1) this is eurovision, and 2) i was in my early-ish teens. sometimes, music that is bad, is good.

more years will be added in the future!