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08.01.23 The current mood of getcubed at
happy belated 2023 everyone O.O pretty crazy. I am feeling quite concerned about this year since it will be the year of big changes for me + i seem to run on a schedule of losing my goddamn mind every 3 years and just cease to be a functioning human for a couple months, but we'll see. the good news is is that i got A's and A+s on all my exams and finished the semester with a 4.0, which gave my overall gpa a much needed boost. not really sure how i managed that since i left every single essay until the very last minute, but i won't question nice things. this semester, i have 3 courses that i am very happy with, but the other one is with a prof that i can't stand. this is my fourth class with him bc he teaches all the socio/historical/dialectology stuff for linguistics, but he is just such a massive pain.

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