Welcome to my collection!

welcome to my site! like many many other people, i have turned to neocities as i've gotten sick of social media and everything that it entails, while still not wanting to give up on the internet entirely. stick around if you maybe want to learn a little bit about some of the things i love. i have a fairly wide range of interests (i think), so hopefully we'll have something in common!
happy cubing


update log

23.01.23: added new photos that i just got developed! click on the camera on the "art" page to see

08.01.23: added new embroidery to art page + new journal entry

18.12.22: new journal entry

24.11.22: added music page under the "media" page. click on the cd!

12.11.22: added 3 new places on the "places" shrine

09.11.22: added new embroidery to art page

10.10.22: added geoguessr shrine!

06.10.22: journal entry about a very boring book

29.09.22: added fish shrine!

17.09.22: added picture page under "art" page, where i put some photos i just had developed!

16.09.22: added character shrine and a new journal entry

08.09.22: now showing content in the movie theater >:) also organised my journal by month so you (i) dont have to scroll forever

04.09.22: added an entry to my journal! i think soon i will seperate my journal by months so the page doesnt go on forever

30.08.22: added my "media" page for all the books, movies, and shows i have consumed

25.08.22: added my "thoughts" page for random thoughts and memories that cross my mind. also added my "art" page!

22.08.22: added link to my neocities profile on the credits page (the little pink computers). also added my journal page

21.08.22: some links on my "about" page have been added

19.08.22: update log added! (also the
credits page!)