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welcome to my site! like many many other people, i have turned to neocities as i've gotten sick of social media and everything that it entails, while still not wanting to give up on the internet entirely. i'm mostly here to talk about the things i really enjoy + stuff going on in my life. i have a fairly wide range of interests (i think), so maybe we'll have something in common.
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update log

25.03.24: new journal entry

21.03.24: some changes to the music page and also another button wall update

16.03.24: new journal entry

05.03.24: new journal entry

23.02.24: more quizzes added to the about me page, added to the plates page, and finally added some more pictures to the geoguessr page

20.02.24: journal entry: birthday edition!

30.01.24: new journal entry

28/29.01.24: Convenience Store Woman is now on the bookbug page and also i added to the plates page

25.01.24: added new dvds and cds to their respective pages

14.01.24: changed up the stamps page so that each stamp has information + added my first journal entry of 2024

06.01.24: finally got crime and punishment up on the bookbug page and also added another button wall update

02.01.24: i polished up the getcubed button so it's not quite as ugly as before lol

31.12.23: final journal update of 2023 + media update + button wall update

27.12.23: journal update + media update

18.12.23: added the plates page for my collection of license plates i have found over the years

14.13.23: changed the media page to have new books/movies + also some actual commentary on them. alsooo added the bookbug page!

13.13.23: new journal update

06.12.23: new art update and new journal update

02.12.23: 2023 wrapped update to my music shrine

27.11.23: new page/shrine for music i like

19.11.23: new journal update

15.11.23: new journal update

06.11.23: added status cafe widget to this page. can ya see it?

05.11.23: new page for scans of paper stuff. there's probably a better way to describe it lol. also, even more cool sites added to credits page

04.11.23: more cool sites added to credits page + new journal entry about the struggles of being an idiot lol

02.11.23: new page for photos of odd, fun stuff i see

25.10.23: new journal update

21.10.23: kind of redid about page to have more stuff

17.10.23: added new photos to photos page

12.10.23: added dvd page to my collections

04.10.23: added collections page with stamps and cds. cds can now be reached through media and collections page.

27.09.23: completely redid the music page! click on the cassette tape on the media page to find it. i am really proud of this one :)

26.09.23: journal update, credits page update

23.09.23: first long-form thoughts post and FINALLY redid the "thoughts" page by sucking it up and finally spending all of 15 minutes figuring out how to make dropdowns lol

11.09.23: journal update

04.09.23: media log update

01.09.23: journal update

18.08.23: journal update

16.08.23: added some more buttons that link to cool accounts under the "credits" page. also finally (finally!) added a link back to my neocities profile under my button. only took a year+

27.07.23: july journal entry + new photos

10.06.23: updated media log with things i've recently read/watched

16.05.23: the shrines page has a new look

14.05.23: new journal update

12.05.23: new photos + eurovision update

23.01.23: added new photos that i just got developed! click on the camera on the "art" page to see

08.01.23: added new embroidery to art page + new journal entry

18.12.22: new journal entry

24.11.22: added music page under the "media" page. click on the cd!

12.11.22: added 3 new places on the "places" shrine

09.11.22: added new embroidery to art page

10.10.22: added geoguessr shrine!

06.10.22: journal entry about a very boring book

29.09.22: added fish shrine!

17.09.22: added picture page under "art" page, where i put some photos i just had developed!

16.09.22: added character shrine and a new journal entry

08.09.22: now showing content in the movie theater >:) also organised my journal by month so you (i) dont have to scroll forever

04.09.22: added an entry to my journal! i think soon i will seperate my journal by months so the page doesnt go on forever

30.08.22: added my "media" page for all the books, movies, and shows i have consumed

25.08.22: added my "thoughts" page for random thoughts and memories that cross my mind. also added my "art" page!

22.08.22: added link to my neocities profile on the credits page (the little pink computers). also added my journal page

21.08.22: some links on my "about" page have been added

19.08.22: update log added! (also the
credits page!)